Sustainability at Columbine

Columbine believes heavily in sustainability. Columbine produces 95% of its products in one factory in Gisborne New Zealand. Columbine has been in operation for over 55 years. Sustainability at Columbine is based around the confluence of Social, Environmental and Economic issues. Columbine focuses on three areas for sustainability: The raw materials, the labour and the consumable products used in the manufacturing process.

Raw Materials:

Columbine utilises many suppliers of raw materials. Each supplier has their own declarations of which highlights include:

  • Merino wool is sourced from a supplier who has been a bluesign® system partner since 2001
  • Cotton suppliers who have signed the Better Cotton Initiative and are Oeko tex Standard 100 class1 certified
  • Hosiery yarn supplier who has been Oeko tex Standard 100 class1 certified since 1995 and in 2009 it became the first European polyamide 6.6 manufacturer to have obtained the EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence. Carboard packaging suppliers whose product is made from sustainable cut forests


95% of the products produced by Columbine are made in the Gisborne, New Zealand factory.  The New Zealand based factory operates under the laws of the New Zealand Government.  These laws comprehensively cover workers’ rights, employment conditions and employee’s health and safety. Columbine has always and will continue to operate in accordance with these laws. For imported product, Columbine utilises strategic partnerships with factories who have signed declarations promoting ethical employment


Columbine consumes resources, it is a matter of fact in the manufacturing environment. However, Columbine chooses to actively manage these consumables and is always looking to reduce the impact of this consumption.

Water: Columbine sources our water from local sources and all waste water is treated via local treatment plants

Power: Columbine sources is power from local rain fed renewable resources. Columbine continues to drive its power consumption down, via the use of Industry 4.0 methodology.

Emissions: Columbine uses natural gas for firing its boiler. Natural gas much more efficient and cleaner than other forms of firing such as heavy oil or diesel.

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